Looking for a simple and cost effective way to get your business or organization’s brand and message out in front of your target audience? Membership in the Mount Forest District Chamber provides a wide variety of ways to increase your exposure.


Every member of the Mount Forest Chamber is featured in our online membership directory. Our website averages over 2,489 visits each month. When people are looking to shop locally, our website is one of the first places they turn too, to find out what products, services and events are available in our town. Make sure your listing is up to date and includes all your latest information. As a member, you can login at any time to update your listing or contact information using the Member Login on our website.


We’d love to cross-promote your business or event in our social media feeds, reaching 1000+ followers. Create and send us a post to have seen by the Chambers followers. Facebook posts are limited to 1 per month; we ask that you submit your content according to the size and format guidelines posted on our website.

Our semi-monthly newsletter is another ideal way to get your latest news and promotions out to the inboxes of a large local audience. Members have the opportunity to submit flyers, promotions, events or specific details of their products and services at no cost.


The Mount Forest Chamber’s Membership guide is an annual publication offering cost-effective local advertising opportunities for members of the local business community. Include an ad in our membership guide that will be distributed as a means to communicate to members and prospective members, who we are and the numerous benefits that joining the Mount Forest Chamber will provide.


Host a BA5, the ultimate show & tell for your business or organization. We bring the community to you through invitations & online advertising, and you provide light snacks and beverages. It’s a great way to broaden your reach, giving you a whole new kind of exposure as you give a tour of your facility and share your story with our members.


Your all-in-one resource for business directory, community resources and local events. This guide is published annually in print as well as online and is an initiative of both the Arthur and Mount Forest District Chambers of Commerce, in partnership with the Township of Wellington North. Include your ad in this ultimate reference guide that will reach target markets through all Wellington North homes, local business’s, information centers as well as campgrounds and trailer parks. As a member, you’ll receive special discounted pricing.


When people are looking to shop locally, there first stop is our website. With strong viewership in the Wellington North region and surrounding areas, this is your opportunity to take advantage of the exposure provided by this platform and connect with our community. With low costs, great visibility and the ability to have multiple ads running simultaneously throughout our website we can direct your ads straight to your organization’s website for visitors to find more information about your services and products.