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CO-OP Student in Your Work Place



The Co-operative Education Program (co-op) allows students to earn credits by combining course curriculum with learning at a work placement.  Co-op helps students develop valuable skills, build confidence and prepare them for future employment.


Tips for employers to have a great co-op experience:

  • Open lines of communication between the 3 parties—teacher, employer, co-op student
    • Ensure you fully understand how the program works and what the employer’s role is and the expectations placed on the student


  • Set clear expectations for students. They often don’t fully understand their role in your business as a “co-op” student


  • is a good idea to match a student up with someone at the organization so they quickly feel comfortable 


  • Make decisions and solve problems together


  • Supervise and monitor their progression. Students should be growing in their understanding and tasks carried out over the course of their placement to see different aspects of the business


  • Students want to ‎take initiative but sometimes don't know how...mention what they can do if they are finished a task or if it is a slow period


  • Encourage questions! Students often interpret asking lots of questions ‎as "not being smart or capable"...we want them to be inquisitive so they learn



  • Training—students need to fully understand the  job requirements
    • Different kids have different learning styles they need to SEE IT, HEAR IT, DO IT to reinforce their learning and understanding
      • Then REPEAT it to make sure they fully understand



  • Co-op is part school and part workplace‎...encourage students to excel in both aspects of the course...Guide them in their "school" co-op assignments and paperwork requirements


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