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The Gift and The Grand Opening

The Gift Artivity Center prepares for Grand Opening  January 16, 2016 

Mount Forest, ON: On Saturday January 16th, 2016 at 10:00 am the community will get the chance to check out The Gift Artivity Center at 236 Main St. North Mount Forest and see what this new business is all about as part of their Grand Opening Celebration where you will enjoy tours, children activities, live music and the ambiance of a beautiful gallery. 

Rene Ariens invites you to come meet your new Community Sharing & Caring Center. The Gift Artivity Center is a bona fide art gallery who seek out, encourages and gives space to the fine artists who live around here and provide them with a "no strings attached" top notch gallery exposure and environment. 

The beautiful space will be used to host many workshops for people to acquire new skills and interests in the creative fields, hold meetings for social clubs, provide a venue for the spoken and written word, provide space to tune up your musical skills, inspiring surroundings for public forums and discussions, a place for everyone from toddlers to elders. Just like for the artists, there are "no strings attached" as we do not charge fees for this social benefit. 

The Gift Artivity Center also provides services serving the world of art. From framing to the highest standards, providing digitized high resolution proofs so artists can reproduce copies of their original works to giclee on canvas or prints on fine art paper, restoration of damaged works and photos, mat cutting, shadow boxes and other displays, procurement of originals and limited edition artworks from all over the world. With over 30,000 high resolution images on their own private database, they can create absolutely perfect forgeries of anything in the public domain... including the brush strokes! So if you've always wanted the Mona Lisa in your living room, you don't have to go very far to get the next best thing to the genuine article. 

“We are looking for artists and crafters to join us,” Ariens said. “It’s time to meet your new gallery. We’re here because you’re here,” he added, “drop in, phone or email for more information”.  

For more information visit  236 Main St N Mount Forest 519-509-GIFT  

The Gift Artivity Center is one of the first businesses to participate in the Renew Northern Wellington program. Thank you to the building owner, Somer Gerber, for use of her property to help put this business in a downtown location, gain exposure and build their business to become a sustainable enterprise.  

If you’re an existing building owner looking for activity in your empty storefront or are wondering if your talent, idea, creative endeavour, or business could become successful and profitable, contact us now to find out how! 

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