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Kindred Savings and Credit Union

Kindred Savings and Credit Union

Do your values guide everything you do? Do you want to share, save, and spend your money in connection with your values? If these questions make you curious, then we just might be the financial partner you are looking for! Read on to discover more.

The first thing you need to know is that our faith and values guide everything we do at MSCU. We offer the full range of financial products and services and everyday banking through our 8 branches in Southern Ontario. We can do everything a bank already does ¬ all with values at the core. We give back a large portion of our profits to our members - 50% last year! We invest in our communities to advance peace, social justice, and mutual aid - core Mennonite values. You can be confident that with our investment options your money is doing GOOD things AND working for you. We don’t receive commission so we aren’t focused on selling you products - we simply want to walk alongside you as a trusted partner. While our roots are in the Mennonite community, we’re open to those who want to join us on the journey.

We started with $22 in a cashbox in 1964 and have grown in size to over $950 million in assets which ranks us as eighth among credit unions in Ontario. We don’t use a cash box anymore!

If you’re interested in connecting your faith with your finances, come talk with us!

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116 Main St N
P O Box 280
Mount Forest, ON N0G2L0
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